Tuesday's recommended links

Written by Adrian Holovaty on September 17, 2002

Online Journalism Award finalists were announced Monday.

Ah, an article on how to Make Text on the Web Look Sharper using Photoshop. Of course, images of text on the Web should be used sparingly.

Scott Andrew explains a nice CSS trick that puts a box around text and makes a horizontal line stick out the middle of it. It's really much nicer than my explanation.


Posted by Rob on September 18, 2002, at 7:40 p.m.:

The ChicagoTribune.com's "School Report Card" entry (a finalist in the Affiliated Service Journalism category) has 'public' misspelled 'pubic' twice on the front page. Ouch.

Posted by Paul on September 20, 2002, at 1:19 a.m.:

The SeattleTimes.com investigation into the attempted millennium bombing is missing the first "m" in "millennium."

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