Server switch

Written by Adrian Holovaty on June 21, 2003

I just switched Web hosting providers, and it should take about two days for the DNS to update across the Web. If you see this entry, your ISP is using the new DNS. Or something like that.

In the meantime, while the update takes place, user comments left on the old site might not be seen by everyone -- although I'll do the best I can to migrate them to the new site.

If none of this makes sense to you, don't worry. Things will be back to normal in two or three days.

UPDATE, 10 minutes later: I've updated my old server to automatically redirect to the new server's IP address, so that nobody will get stuck looking at, and posting comments on, the old server. The upshot: You might see a strange number instead of "" in your browser's location bar. Rest assured this will go away in a few days and will have no ill effect on your browsing experience.

My only concern with this method is that some RSS readers may not be able to handle such automatic redirects (does anyone know?); but I'm hoping that users of such RSS readers would notice a problem, visit this site in a Web browser and see this note for the explanation.


Posted by Adrian on June 21, 2003, at 11:34 p.m.:

Testing the comments system.

Posted by Jon Gales on June 21, 2003, at 11:42 p.m.:

NetNewsWire follows the re-direct. :)

Posted by anonymous on June 22, 2003, at 4:49 a.m.:

the server handles the redirect--it's transparent to any client

Posted by Adrian on June 22, 2003, at 5:11 a.m.:

Thanks for the tips, guys.

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