A couple of EveryBlock interviews

Written by Adrian Holovaty on February 15, 2008

Back in 2006, I had a very enjoyable interview with Robert Niles at Online Journalism Review. Now, Robert and I have gotten back together for another e-mail conversation about my latest project, EveryBlock: check it out.

And there's more! Earlier today, Rex Sorgatz published an interview with me about EveryBlock, with more of a technology focus.

Thanks to both Robert and Rex for the great questions.


Posted by Sebastian on February 20, 2008, at 11:44 p.m.:

Really good interviews, Congrats!

You mentioned:

"The second layer is the data storage layer, which we built in a way that can handle an arbitrary number of data types, each with arbitrary attributes. For example, a restaurant inspection has a violation (or multiple violations), whereas a crime has a crime type (e.g., homicide)."

I have a question: Does this data storage layer work with django's ORM? How do you query this? I have been looking for ways to work with schema-less databases in django and I'm thinking what you have done might be it.

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