Comment system is up and running

Written by Adrian Holovaty on June 30, 2002

I've finished version 1.0 of this blog's comment system.

Each blog entry now has a "Comments" link below it, along with the number of comments that already have been posted for that entry. If you're using a modern browser, clicking the link will dynamically display the comments below the blog entry, without having to reload the page. If you're not using a modern browser, clicking the link will load a new page with all of the comments.

If more than 5 comments have been posted on a particular entry, a new page will be loaded regardless of whether your browser is nifty. I did this to keep this site's bandwidth low (i.e., comments will only be preloaded if there are 5 or fewer).

I hope this fosters some good discussion. I've already received a few e-mails from people requesting this feature, so I'm very excited to see whether it catches on.

NOTE: I was inspired by Andrew Porter Glendinning's comment system. Mine is a little different -- no pop-up windows, more bandwidth-efficient, style differences -- but I figured I should give credit where credit is due.


Posted by Rob on July 3, 2002, at 4:26 p.m.:

I really, really like the comment system here. Well done. Damn your ingenuity!

Posted by Adrian on July 3, 2002, at 7:49 p.m.:

Glad you like it. I'm realizing right now, though, that it would be nice if we could post multiple paragraphed entries. I'll see whether I can add line break functionality...I also have to add the timestamps.

Comments have been turned off for this page.